Nathan Cavaleri

“This time around, I wanted to express more than blues would allow. Each track throughout the writing and production process conformed to no specific genre and called upon an array of my favourite artists. From J.J.Cale and B.B.King to Bowie, Lana Del Ray, and Mos Def.”


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The Rhythm Hunters

Traditional rhythms and instruments from Indonesia, Africa, Australia, and Japan.

Performance highlights include Woodford Folk Festival, Dreaming Festival, National Folk Festival & National Multicultural Festival, International Reggae (Malaysia), Island Vibe, REGEN, Dragon Dreaming, Carols in the Domain, Jungle Love, Cygnet, Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, Earth Frequency, Pysfari, Bentara Budaya (Indonesia), Granite Town and Townsville Cultural Festival.

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The Big Ilch

Emerging from the strong roots and reggae movement in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, The Big Ilch is a project founded on the celebration of shared creativity and musical collaboration. Featuring soulful reggae vibes, easy grooves, world music beats, with a dash of hip hop and funk in the mix.

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Ren Stone

Ren Stone brings a fresh lyric based sound to folk and conscious roots music. Ren Stone AKA Rendra Freestone is the long standing force behind world music heavyweights Rhythm Hunters so stay attentive for some percussion and rhythmic twists in the otherwise soulful and optimistic sound-scape.

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